Audible PR is a music promotion agency est. 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Audible PR offers full promotional services in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe for artists, labels, MGMTs, concert agents and festivals. The services include print, online, radio, tv and tour PR as well as copywriting, campaign planning and additional artist services. The agency has a strong focus on storytelling, artist identity and targeted communication.

Audible PR works with a wide array of artists and releases, and no genre or style is excluded, as long as the music is good. The agency carries out full Scandinavian campaigns within indie, pop, rock, folk and alternative genres, while specializing in full European campaigns in heavier genres such as metal, hard rock, punk and hardcore.


“Jacob works thoroughly, structured and is at the same time skilled in regards to the creative part of promotion. As a band, it can be difficult to put one’s own music and oneself into words. Jacob quickly understood the band’s vision and narrative for the album and was able to formulate it in a splendid manner.”
– Trine Hessner Ulrich, Manager for LIVLØS

“I worked with Audible PR in connection with the release of Søn’s debut album “Det Skandinaviske Design” (2019), which was a great pleasure. Jacob did the PR for the album, including three singles, two music videos and assisted in presenting Søn to all Danish media and critics. Without him, the album would not have attracted so broadly an attention, and Søn wouldn’t be where they are today.
– Morten Riis – Co-founder & artist manager, Bold Arrow, manager for SØN

“Audible PR helped us with the release of two singles, ‘I Løb’ and ‘Stop Believing’ and the attached music videos. He was fantastic at helping us to communicate the vision and the message behind our music in a clear and exciting way, so we could reach a broad audience without compromising our integrity. Throughout the whole campaign, Jacob was very pleasant and ambitious  without him the songs would never have attracted as much attention, as they did.”
Johan Horsmans, guitarist in ZAR PAULO


Alva Ravn • Artifact Collective • Baest • Barricade • Bellhound Choir • Bersærk • Big Dust • Billie And The Bell • Blind Vej Hjem • Deadnate • Death Machine • Diplomatic Immunity • Dying Hydra • Eivør • Final Hour • Fugleflugten • Ghost Iris • Glitchi • Gåte • H.E.R.O. • How To Lose Face • Kindsight • Kristian Harting • IAMX • Isogenic •  Korrupt • Lamb of God • Late Night Venture • Livløs • LLNN • Mads Beldring • Mellemblond •  MENSCH • Morning Bell • Motorique • Nicotine Nerves • nikolaj grandjean • Niklas Runge • Orm • Oscar Danielson • praytell. • Red Lama • Redwolves • Rue Royale • Sidste Udkald • Son of Fortune • Søn • The Good The Bad And The Zugly • The Psyke Project • The Shaking Sensations • The Sledge • Tredjeperson •  VAKT • Veto • We Are Among Storms • William Crighton • White Dominos • Woodpecker • Writhe • Young Couple • Zar Paulo • Øya and more…


3rd Tsunami Agency • A Colossal Weekend • ABC Music • Account The Beat • Black Grain Records • Bullet Booking • Caroline International/Universal Music • Celebration Records • Century Media Records • Czar of Crickets Productions • Embassy Of Music • Fysisk Format • GR:OW Records • Heartbeat Management • Iceberg Records • Live Nation Denmark • Mermaid Records • Middle Ear Recordings • Minimum Recordings • Moody Mongoose • Møs Møs • Napalm Records • Nordenvind Musikproduktion • Over The Under Records • PDH Music • Pelagic Records • Play/Rec • Pouring Dawn •  PROMUS • Rama Lama Records •  Salbar • Sinnbus • Sorte Firkant Musikfestival • Sorte Plader • TUTL • Wargear Records • Warner Music Sweden • Wild North Music and more…

Running the label Indisciplinarian since 2013 releasing and promoting bands such as Orm, Terminalist, Eyes, Alkymist, Nyt Liv, Solbrud, Morild, Fossils, Piss Vortex, UxDxS and Rising.

Promotional assistant, label manager and Indie A&R at Target Group 2004-2009 working with artists such as Morrissey, Clutch, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ibrahim Electric, Olesen/Olesen, Volbeat, Whitesnake, Kellermensch a.o.


Audible PR
Jacob Krogholt
Nikolaj Plads 27, kld.
DK – 1067 Copenhagen K